Burdekin Gift Cards

The Ayr Chamber of Commerce launched the Burdekin’s very first, community wide, closed loop gift card program to support shopping locally in the Burdekin.

The BURDEKIN GIFT CARD‘s are localised to the Burdekin and can be purchased by any consumer and redeemed only at the local participating businesses listed below.

To view the current list of participating businesses, visit our SHOP THE BURDEKIN FACEBOOK PAGE or see below.

Gift Card Participants

To add your business to the list, just email us today.

  1. Gift cards are a growing phenomenon and have become hugely popular in Australia! 
  2. Over 70% of consumers purchase at least one gift card over the Christmas Holiday season and a quarter of all consumers are attracted to gift cards because “they are easy to buy”.
  3. One half of all consumers are attracted to gift cards because they allow the recipient to purchase “a gift they really want”

The most sought after cards are those that offer the widest shopping variety to the recipient.   This is clearly evident in the popularity of gift cards on offer from the large corporate retailers and they are extremely difficult for small businesses to compete with because of the shopping variety they offer.

We are bringing consumers a truly competitive alternative in this market space that;

  1. Offers consumers a much wider variety of choice to spend their voucher at; and
  2. Captures a large percentage of funds that would otherwise have been spent outside the district and delivers it back to local businesses.